I'm passionate about web standards, open-source software and working with a team that doesn't just include programmers but also graphics people, not just database experts but also content experts.

My primary expertise is in getting data from databases and providing it in a form that turns it into information for the end-user. And providing it in a form that they can use in the tools they are familiar with. Selected examples:

  • FileMaker via Claris odbc functions to web store for small company
  • postreSQL via jsp or php to web pages for company website
  • MS SQL via VBasic to Excel pivot table for project managers to track expenses and revenues
  • MS SQL via VBasic to hta and MS Access to manage customer data
  • MS SQL and MySQL via php or coldfusion to web pages for project tracking, various other intranet and extranet applications

Energy Center of Wisconsin

I was a web developer and then a user application analyst at ECW for over nine years. This annual report mentions me. [my copy] [original link]

Following is a partial list of sites for which I was the web developer:

Since all my MS SQL work was done for intranet or other in-house applications, I don't have samples of that work available.