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What Type are X-Files Mulder, Sculley? (added 31 May 2000)
This X-Files fan has detailed support for Mulder's and Sculley's types. See if you agree at FBI Personnel File: Agents Mulder and Scully. By the way, Lenore Thomson also uses the example of Mulder and Sculley to illustrate type differences in Personality Type: An Owner's Manual. She thinks that the way Mulder's character was written actually changed type as the show progressed. * Buy it at Amazon * Read My Review *

Myers-Briggs™ Corrective Pills (added 19 Apr 2000)
Need a dose of F to get through that empowerment meeting? Some T when discussing obscure points of doctrine? Sister Behemoth has the answer with Myers-Briggs™ Corrective Pills from Designer Pharmaceuticals for the Spirituality Industry. The scenarios were hilarious. I think the application is much wider than the spirituality industry, though. Could've used the high-strength S preparation for tax time.

Funny Type Test for Dogs (added 29 Mar 2000)
Following the success of his TGIF PURR-SONALITY TEST for cats (see Net Links > fun(ny), Pat Marr is putting together a CUR'S DISTEMPERAMENT SORTER. Suggest questions for the sorter. He plans on incorporating the input he gets into this type test for dogs.

Another Type Spoof (added 23 Feb 2000)
A Spoof Personality Typing Measure divides people into four type quadrants based on the Self Control scale and the Evangelism scale, and then adds in the Flexibility Scale to measure how well you can fake being from another quadrant.

Myers-Briggs™ Prayers en francais (added 19 Jan 2000)
Here's an addition to those prayers we all know and love (see Net Links > fun(ny)) from a company I've already reviewed (see Net Links > research). Sybac has translated the tongue-in-cheek Myers-Briggs™ prayers by type into French. Enjoy La Priere.  

Shadowrun Character Attributes Include Type (added 8 Dec 1999) 
The Big Knobi Klub is a site dedicated to FASA's Shadowrun® role-playing game. They have a Shadowrun Attributes page detailing possible characteristics of the various types of characters. Included is a "nature attribute" which is the MBTI® type. 

Has Someone You Know Failed a Personality Test? (added 24 Nov 1999) 
As of 29 May 2000, was no longer available.
Rubber Chicken will send this fake letter to them, for a fee of course. But you don't have to pay anything to read the Personality Test Failure notice. 

Find out your Cat's Type (added 11 Nov 1999) 
Pat Marr, whose work I feature from time to time, has a couple of new type cartoons out. His site now also has this hilarious on-line test, the TGIF (Type Guesstimator for Invidious Felines), written and copywrited by Annette Ellis, where you can determine your cat's purr-sonality type. 

More Myers-Briggs™ Humor (added 13 Oct 1999) 
Doug Bates is the volunteer editor of several Open Directory Project categories, including the Myers-Briggs™ ones. He also has a page of Psychological Type Humor, including epitaphs (INTP: Talk about "analysis paralysis" ) and Illusions of the Unhealthy XXXX (INTP: "I'm brilliant and you'd better bow to my genius"). 

Is the Kender Type ESFP? (added 8 Sep 1999) 
Kip thinks Kender fit the ESFP type. Kender are a race of beings from Planescape, one of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game worlds, designed to appeal to the more mature gamer (if you're clueless, like me, check out What's a Mimir: Being an Introduction to Planescape for the Truly Clueless Reader). 

Myers-Briggs™ Jokes (added 5 Jul 1999) 
Paul James came up with these MB jokes. My favorite section was: Advertisements in a Newspaper. 

alt.starfleet.rpg has their own take on type ; ) (added 19 Apr 1999)  
In my book review of Personality Type: An Owner's Manual, by Lenore Thomson, I pointed out that she used examples from the Star Trek universe to illustrate type. Want to find out what the Office of Starfleet Records says about type? Check out their funny take on type at ASR's take on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

INTP Warning (added 29 Mar 1999) 
Jerry Ljung has a site called Metalogics with three sections: an art gallery, Jerry's Oracle information and resume, and MetaPhysics. If you click on the "Warning" icon on the MetaPhysics page, you get an INTP Warning which is both very funny (at least to this INTP) and very true. 

Myers-Briggs™ Cartoons (added 22 Feb 1999) 
Pat Marr does web cartoons, and he has a selection of Myers-Briggs™ based ones. There's the Type Gardener, When NP's and SJ's Go House Hunting ... and so on. 

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? (added 4 Jan 1999)  
Lisa, an ENFP, found this funny prediction of what each type would say about a half full cup of water. The ENFP says "Whooeee! Water fight!" The INTP says "Well, it seems just a little more than half full--assuming that it is water..." Check out what your type would say. 

Myers-Briggs™ type in space (added Fall 1998)  
The Intergalactic Explorer Home Page provides a test that is a take-off on Myers-Briggs™ typology. I'm a QGMR or Seeker type of Intergalactic Explorer. Have fun with this one. As the author, Michael Rosmore warns: "Trust me, you cannot trust this test - it is neither valid nor reliable." 

Beer and Type (added Fall 1998)  
Take Hal Dendurent's MMBI Type Correlator to determine your type. I'm afraid it's got a ways to go: I came out as an ENTJ. Well, at least it got the NT right. Just in case you weren't sure, it's a joke of course. Have fun with it. 

Medieval Type (added Fall 1998)  
This tongue-in-cheek Myers-Briggs™ test is Kingdomality. What kind of job would your type have been suited for in the Middle Ages? Answer eight four-part questions. I've come out as a Questor and as a Prime Minister. Created by Career Management International, Inc. as a fun introduction to type. 

Type acronyms (added Fall 1998)  

Prayers (added Fall 1998, updated 8 Mar 2000)  
The first location I had for these prayers is no longer available. This new location, of the same "prayers" also attributes them to an author rather than anonymous. A funny list of "prayers" that each type might use.  

Famous People Type Indicator (added Fall 1998)  
Paladin Associates, Inc. has a unique way to get a quick "take" on your type. Instead of answering pages of questions, go the Famous Person's Types page, and click on the picture of famous person you think you are like, and read the type description. Not really precise, but I think it would be a fun introduction to type for some people. 

Myers-Briggsing Blake's 7 Characters (added Fall 1998)  
Can you tell what type's the Blake's 7 crew are? This page contains a discussion where several fans discuss the types of the characters. It's kind of hard to follow for someone who hasn't watched the show in years, but there were a few interesting ideas brought out. One person asks whether the show is attractive because the characters seem to be realistic Myers-Briggs™ types instead of impossible composites. Another points out that SP's especially may over-report themselves as N's in the test because "they think it's some added special ability". 

Type Gone Bad (added Fall 1998)  
Hal Dendurent, whose site was listed a couple of weeks ago (see the "home pages" links) has this list of tongue-in-cheek type MBTI type descriptions. An ENTP, he calls himself a "Catalyst", but in this list, he's a Frankenstein, and I'm a Nerd. Then again, maybe this stuff is right on target. You mean people actually communicate without keyboards?! 

Type and Peanut Butter (added Fall 1998)  
Lance Beckner brings you "Personality Test By Bryer's-Migs (The people who bring you natural ice cream and Soviet warplanes)." After his group had to take the Myers-Briggs™ instrument, he came up with his own version. How did I find this site? I did an Infoseek search on Myers-Briggs, and then a subsearch on "peanut butter." Check out Lance's test to find out where peanut butter comes in. As for how I thought of it - well, I've got a 4-year-old daughter. I suppose I'll be searching on macaroni and cheese next. 

Is Dilbert an INTP? (added Fall 1998)  
Someone on the INTP mailing list I subscribe to referred us to Shawkie, who thinks he has a lot in common with the Dilbert cartoon character. Although Shawkie doesn't list his type, the person from the INTP mailing list suggests Dilbert may be an INTP. What do you think?

Pat Marr Cartoon 
(added 15 Dec 1999) 
Copyright 1996-1999 by Pat Marr, All Rights Reserved

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Free Type Game
SpaceColonyH© (added 31 May 1999) 
is a free game you can download. You are presented with a number of problems faced by a space colony. You must first determine the temperament of the person presenting the problem, and then choose an appropriate solution. The temperaments are called Formal Leader, Informal Leader, Planner and Peacemaker, which appear to correspond to SJ, SP, NT and NF respectively. I played it, and wished I could have gone back and found out which of my answers were wrong. It's harder than I expected, after reading the instructions. 

Type Cartoon
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