signature generator for Thunderbird email client

This application has been tested in Firefox 2 and IE 7.

This signature should look okay in both html and plain text using several popular email clients. It has also been optimized to minimize problems with anti-virus or anti-spam filters. The directions tell you how to install it in Thunderbird. It would probably work in other email clients as well.

You can change the location options and organization name by changing the values in the sig_generator.php page. You will need to change the location names in this html page as well. Be sure that you make any changes in a code or text editor that does not add anything extra. For example, here is what can happen if you use Microsoft Word: show me

  1. Fill in the form to the right and press "Generate Signature"
  2. When the window pops up, select the option to "Save"
  3. Note where you have saved the file.
  4. In Thunderbird, select Tools> Account Settings...
  5. Select your email account and put a check in "Attach this signature"
  6. Click the "Choose..." button, browse to the location you noted, and select the file you just saved(unless you renamed it, it will be called my_sig.html)
  7. Make sure the "Attach my vCard to messages" box is not checked
  8. Click OK to close the Account Settings window

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